Bears vs Packers

At first I’ll admit to being very gun shy about the upcoming Bears vs Packers game, but I’m an optimist.

First thing,Josh McCown was a huge surprise,and my thoughts were hmmmm what if he had started a game or two sooner?
He had a 19 for 28 performance for 242 yards and one touchdown. He showed a lot of poise in the pocket and looked like a more season quarterback than you know who. And I have to give Kahlil Bell his props,he ran his tail off last night, getting 121 yards

Our defense started out so strong, but eventually let Aaron Rodgers pick us apart,especially during the second half. Nick Roach seemed to be owned all night long. They ran a lot of slant and over the shoulder plays that tested our corners,and really exposed some weaknesses,but what thee heck do I know?

With a final score of 35-21, I guess our Bears need to reevaluate some of these guys at certain positions,so that we can have depth on our roster,because once we lost Cutler and Forte we really became a struggling team.



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